What Are The Services That Are Offered By A Plumber?

30/10/2013 16:33


When hiring a plumber to do work at your residence or company, it might be good to know a few things about the type of services are offered and what is required to be a plumber. First of all, professional The Melbourne Plumber - plumbing expert must be licensed in order to provide plumbing installation, maintenance and repairs of sinks, toilets, pipes and all other items that pertain to a plumbing system.

Plumbers should carry adequate liability insurance in case that there are any work related damages to your property. Workers compensation should also be carried in case any of his workers are injured on the job by hazards or health risks. The plumber should also be bonded which protects the homeowner in case any of the terms of the contract are not completed as per the terms of the contact. For any work that is over $500, a bond is recommended. A client should be sure that the plumber’s bond is valid, and that it is enough for the work to be completed before any initial work begins.


Most of the time, plumbing work can be quoted at a fixed price for specific services or items to be delivered. The usual hourly rate for a plumber will range from $48 to $71 per hour. In most cases, a minimum charge will be assessed, which accounts for one and a half to two hours of work. Sometimes this can be negotiated.


Plumbers commonly will unclog drains, fix leaking pipes, install showers, hot water heaters, install systems for new homes and for home additions, install toilet, sinks, bathtubs, swimming pool plumbing and hot tub plumbing. Of course there are many more specific jobs and tasks that a plumber is able to perform, but we would probably run out of room in this article, except to say that anything that involves the moving of clean water and waste water in a building would come under the purveyance of a plumber and the skills involved with that profession.