3 Tips on Hiring a Plumber

30/10/2013 16:59

Many households do not consider what it takes to hire a quality plumber until some major plumbing catastrophe happens in the home. Whenever faced with an emergency, the problem could be made worse if the wrong plumber is hired. Choosing the best plumbing company is essential because plumbing problems happen in every household.


More than just an inconvenience, plumbing issues can include frozen pipes, blocked drains, broken water faucet valve, or busted water line. When this happens, it is important to hire a licensed plumber to ensure that the job is done by a professional with years of training that has been certified by the state.


Experience and Equipment


It is important to hire a plumbing contracting company that has years of experience in the type of plumbing issue your household is experiencing. In addition, they need to have the latest advanced equipment and tools to tackle the job properly. This is especially important if the sewer line is clogged. Some plumbing contractors have specialized video camera equipment. Using CCTV technology, they can run a camera down the sewer line to determine exactly what is blocking the pipe, to offer the best recommendations for repairing the problem.



It is important that the licensed contractor have workers’ compensation insurance on every employee. This will save the homeowner any legal hassles should the technician be injured on the job site. The plumbing company should also provide liability insurance to cover any damage to the home caused by the technician while working on the plumbing problem.


It is important that the plumbing contracting company guarantee the work they perform, along with warranting all the components and parts they use. If the plumber does not provide a guarantee on their work, choose a different company.
It is best to ask for references from the contractor, and call each one to accurately gauge the level of skill and the quality of work the plumber provides.